Garage Door Service

From regularly scheduled maintenance to emergency situations, we service and repair a wide variety of garage door and opener problems, covering all of central Oklahoma. Most emergencies are addressed within 24 hours.

For more information, or if you have any emergency, please contact us.

The following lists a number of common issues we service:

  • Regular maintenance-- We recommend your garage door and opener be lubricated and adjusted every 6 months to prevent problems.
  • Broken garage door springs. If the coils are separated directly above the door or on the side, a spring has broken. The door most likely won't open, or opens with difficulty. Operating a door with a broken spring via a garage door opener could possibly damage the door and/or opener, so please contact us now for immediate service.
  • Garage door cables snapped or frayed.
  • Garage door rollers worn or broken. Rollers are worn if grooves etched in wheel, or broken if stem separated from wheel.
  • Hinges broken or worn.
  • Garage door track is bent, worn, or broken.
  • Tears, dents, or bows in garage door panels.
  • Wind damage to your garage door -- ask us about heavier-duty garage doors that can withstand Oklahoma winds.
  • Garage door damage from vehicle collision.
  • Garage door cocked, unlevel, or out of balance.
  • Garage door difficult/heavy to raise manually.
  • Garage door shoots up manually, then stops halfway or in header.
  • Lifting garage door by hand is like dead weight, then it shoots up unexpectedly.
  • Loud/squeaky garage door operation.
  • Garage door rattles excessively, especially in wind.
  • Garage door off track.
  • Garage door stops midway through travel or reverses midway down or up.
  • Garage door won't close with remotes.
  • Have to push and hold garage door opener wall button to close.
  • Garage door opener remotes quit working or intermittent success.
  • Keyless entry (keypad) won't activate garage door.
  • Lights flash on garage door opener while in operation.
  • Intermittent operation problems.
  • Garage door raises or lowers by itself.
  • Garage door opener won't raise door, but door can still be opened manually.
  • Wall button won't activate garage door.
  • Garage door opener arm pulled loose from door.
  • Bottom weather strip worn or cracked.
  • Air/water infiltration/Door not sealing well.
  • Gaps or daylight around garage door or at bottom or door.
  • Extreme heat or cold inside garage -- we insulate non-insulated garage doors and seal them with perimeter seal.)

As you can see, we cover a broad range of garage door issues. Our experts are courteous and professional, and will get your door working properly and quickly.

If you need your garage door serviced please contact us.